Can you provide a bespoke Procedure Pack?
Subject to a minimum order requirement, we can produce Procedure Packs to any requirements. Custom specified packs generally need to contain 2 or more dental instruments.

Is it possible to re-sterilize Single-Use Instruments?
Single-Use instruments however are generally made of a lower grade stainless steel and have less coats than reusable instruments. Although they probably can practically be used more than once, we only guarantee these instruments to be used once. This is a control in place to ensure that the instruments always last longer than the surgeons' requirements. The unique selling factor of single-use instruments is that they are already sterilized when they reach the customer. SSC single-use instruments are clearly marked ‘single-use’.

How can you prove your goods are sterilized?
All of our sterilized products contain a LOT number, a track and trace label, and an expiration date. The LOT number is for our reference to tag to a sterilization job. The outer packaging our instruments also contains a irradiation sticker which changes colour from yellow to red after exposure of a minimum of 25 kilojoules of gamma radiation, ensuring the contents have been sterilized.

Can Procedure Packs contain other medical consumables?
We commonly provide Procedure Packs which contain many other types of dental consumable and many other items.

Can you sterilize Single-Use instruments using Steam or ETO?
By standard our single-use products are sterilized using Gamma radiation from a Cobalt 60 source which ensures the items is sterile up to 3 years. This method is considered far superior to conventional older methods of sterilization.

Should you require steam or ETO method of sterilization for legal reasons, we may be able to help.

How long do your gamma sterilized instruments remain sterile for?
All our single use instruments have an unopened shelf life of 3 years.

Can you send us samples?
We regularly send samples to our customers. New customers should note that we do charge for samples and shipping.

What warranty do you offer on your instruments?
By standard SSC reusable instruments come with a one year warranty. Single-use items, due to their nature, do not have a warranty period.

Can we visit you?
Yes, by all means. Please get in touch and we can arrange a visit.

Do you own and operate your own factory?
Yes we do. We only supply instruments we have manufactured ourselves.

Do you offer distributor exclusivity?
We are prepared to consider any relationship with distributors and will consider exclusivity agreements when a distributor has a proven track record and existing sales network or sizeable order history with SSC.

Can you help us prepare a tender?
We regularly work with companies providing government and private tenders. We are happy to help with pricing and preparation of paperwork.

Do you have your own CE mark?
Yes. We are proud owners of our very own CE mark which confirms we are the actual manufacturers of dental instruments.

Are you able to register with our local Ministry of Health or FDA?
We are registered in many countries already and are happy to complete registration when needed. Costs involved must be offset against the value of orders. We work with many companies who have been through this process with us.

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